About Us:
Beetle Source is located in Lafayette, Louisiana - the heart of Cajun country. The idea for Beetle Source as a convenient, one-stop-shop for live beetles and supplies, began in 2003 with Steven's first shipment from Japan. Since then, he steadily expanded and is now the leading provider of Japanese Beetle Jelly and rearing supplies in the U.S.

We are very proud to call Acadiana our home, and often follow the Cajun practice of offering Lagniappe when orders are filled.

Steven Barney
Steven has collected and reared insects for over twelve years and has worked with over 40 different species of arthropods. The majority of his work has been with Coleoptera (mainly within Scarabaeoidea) and he has successfully reared some of the more difficult species to work with such as Lucanus elaphus and Phanaeus vindex. Besides Coleoptera he has also worked with: millipedes, phasmids, ants, grasshoppers, scorpions, whip scorpions, moths and butterflies and has spent countless hours in the field collecting insects.

Steven's Bio

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