Information regarding permits, shipping and importing / exporting

*Note: The information contained on this page is to be used as a basic guideline only. I will update any information when possible, but I do not write the laws - please do your own research*

5-19-2017 : Exceptions - Goliath Beetles

There has been a very recent and major change to permits regarding Goliath Beetles..
visit the Goliath page for more information: Goliath Beetles


7-9-2016 : Exceptions

Here I will cover exceptions to the rules and invertebrates that fall outside of the rules. These are general exceptions, individual states still have the final say.

The below can be owned / shipped / received:

  1. U.S. Dung Beetles: Any dung beetle native to the US, no matter what state.
  2. Exotic Dung Beetles: Dung beetles being imported from other countries do not require a USDA-APHIS permit or containment, but would require a FWS Import Permit and the "ok" from the USDA Veterinary Services
  3. U.S. Ground Beetles: Tiger Beetles, Searchers, Pasimachus etc
  4. Exotic Ground Beetles: No USDA permit but FWS permit if you are the one importing
  5. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach: Gromphadorhina portentosa - not sure why, but they are..
  6. Scorpions, Vinegaroons, Tailless Whip Scorpions, Sun Spiders
  7. Tarantulas, Spiders

*this section is a work in progress..


7-9-2016 : Types of permits (placeholder)


7-9-2016 : Basics

There is a lot of information and points to consider when acquiring or shipping insects, and I am constantly finding misinformation on the internet regarding permits. Below I will attempt to break everything down and have it be as simplified as possible.

Generally, if:
  1. The animal in question is an insect
  2. This insect does not eat other insects
  3. This insect is not a dung beetle (Scarabaeinae)
  4. This insect was found in or is being shipped from another state or country
.. a permit is required to receive or own this insect, even if this same species is native to the state that you live in.

For the most part, if this insect was found in and is to remain within your state, it is safe to ship, purchase and own without any permits.

Other points:
  1. It is up to the person receiving the insect, NOT the shipper/seller, to insure whether or not a permit is required. Just because you find someone willing to ship to you does not mean that you do not need a permit.
  2. Any soil or wood products being shipped are subject to another permit (soil permit) when crossing state lines.
  3. Generally, dead / preserved insects do not need any permits
  4. States can have their own rules about what is or isn't allowed to own within their state.

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