So what is the deal with Beetle Jelly?

Basically, Beetle Jelly will make feeding time much easier for you. It is specifically made to feed beetles and is formulated to promote egg laying and longevity. With vitamins and minerals it is usually a more well-rounded diet than fruit alone. It does not rot nor attract fruit flies the way fruit would, and is more aesthetically pleasing on display than a mushy piece of rotting fruit surrounded by flies.

Beetle Jelly closely resembles jelly made for humans but it does not melt at room temperature. It can be fed to a wide variety of beetles and is also a good supplemental diet for predaceous beetles. It is also accepted by many other types of critters, like crickets, millipedes and velvet ants.

It comes in individually sealed cups which, unopened, have a very long shelf life. Once open you can store unused jelly in a refrigerator.    昆虫ゼリー


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