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Beetle Jelly was first created in Japan to feed the thousands of hungry beetles which are kept as pets there. It can also be fed to more than just beetles and is readily accepted by many other insects, including: ants, crickets, millipedes, grasshoppers, roaches, pill bugs (armadillidium), harvestmen, velvet ants, wasps and many more.

"Beetle Jelly" is one of the best foods available for beetles and the humans that feed them. It is an artificial insect diet that lasts longer than fruit and is usually a more nutritious food, often containing: proteins, lactic acid, sugars and fruit juices.

Concerning humans, jelly is very quick and easy to use (important when you have many mandibles to feed). It can be stored, unopened, at room temperature for many months and when opened lasts much longer than a piece of fruit would. It also gives a much cleaner and more professional appearance when used in displays.

Beetle Jelly DOES NOT contain any beetle or insect parts. It is made FOR beetles - not made WITH beetles..! Beetle Jelly is not fit nor intended for human consumption.

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“Big 48” - Brown Sugar flavor Rhino Jelly
This is my most used jelly, Rhinos and Flower Beetles love this.
16gram cup

  Ultra-high-protein - Banana flavor
This is my second most used jelly, great for generalists and carnivores, like Stag, Tiger and Ground beetles, Velvet ants, ants, Lady Bugs and lots more.

  Pineapple flavor "Healthy Jelly"
A high protein, low sugar jelly made with natural fruit juice.
16gram cup
“Max 20” - Banana flavor Jelly
A nice, general purpose jelly. This is a 16gram “wide” cup which is the same volume as the others but with more surface area for feeding.
16gram cup

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